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A Real Santa Experience, ND Pro Media

Santa and Pixie

A Real Santa Experience at ND Pro Media

This year was very special for over 40 children who got to meet and hang out with the real Santa at our studio in Monticello, NY.  Each child was able to spend some quality time with Santa who addressed everyone by their names and had full conversations with them about details in their lives only the real Santa would know.

As each family entered the studio they were greeted by Santa’s favorite elf, Pixie, who gave them a tour of her room while Santa was busy meeting another family.  Pixie knew the names of every child’s Elf on the Shelf and confirmed that she would be communicating with her fellow elves to report everything they see to her and Santa.  Children were surprised to hear that their Elf on the Shelf was actually telling Pixie and Santa whether they’ve been naughty or nice.
The children were thrilled as Pixie opens the door to lead them into Santa’s living room.  Some of the kids even brought letters and gifts to Santa who kept them all so that he can remind them of the items when he visits again next year.  One particular skeptic had sent Santa a drawing prior to coming to the studio.  He was in complete disbelief when Santa showed him the very same drawing in his hand.  Any shadow of doubt was immediately erased as he realized he was in the presence of the real Santa.
Santa really enjoyed his first visit to ND Pro Media and cannot wait to come back again for more days next year.  We had a blast documenting the entire experience through pictures.  We cannot wait to do it again next year.  Here are just a few highlights from what went on during the day.

A Real Santa Experience, ND Pro Media

Here is some nice press we got from Happy Hudson Valley about this unique event, A Real Santa Experience.

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