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The Largest Studio in Sullivan County Opens Its Doors

ND Pro Media Grand Opening

Ribbon Cutting

ND Pro Media, Inc.held its Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting event at Nature Lounge located in the Village of Monticello.  It was the biggest grand opening event Sullivan County has ever seen in recent history with nearly 150 guests attending to show their support – some traveling nearly 4 hours from as far as Philadelphia.  We are especially thankful to Mayor Gordon Jenkins for taking the time to attend our special day.

Ribbon Cutting Certificate

Signature Frame

Although the studio has over 2300 square feet of space, Nature Lounge was gracious enough to host our party and provide a sampling of their food. Nature Lounge is available as an event space for parties, weddings and meetings so it was a natural partnership with ND Pro Media to cross promote each other.  Having an event underneath the studio is advantageous because photographs and video can be instantly viewed in the venue through a wireless connection to the studio.

We would also like to thank Majek Furniture who provided the furniture for our Media Consultation Room.  They were so comfortable people had a hard time leaving.  We were so happy the feedback we got from everyone about the Media Room was all about comfort and high-end appeal.  It was exactly what we wanted to convey when we picked it out.

Out of the 5 studios within ND Pro Media, the main highlight of the night was the Virtual Background system in the main studio space.  “Ooo’s” and “Ahh’s” were heard group after group who toured the studio.  A huge thank you to Virtual Background for getting the system delivered in time for our Grand Opening.  The Virtual Background system allows us the ability to switch backgrounds during a portrait session in a couple of seconds instead of taking 5-10 minutes each time with a traditional background most photography studios use.  This gives customers access to over 100 different backgrounds with more added each month.

Another unique service we will start providing with the Virtual Background system is to do Virtual Fantasy Elopements.  Imagine being able to get a video of your elopement in Paris streamed live to your waiting guests at the venue below the studio.  Images of Paris locations are then loaded up so you can have an entire wedding album shot in Paris without ever leaving the studio.  Afterwards, the party can continue at Nature Lounge below.  The possibilities are limited only by imagination.

Thanks to everyone who came to help get the studio ready for the ND Pro Media Grand Opening and again, thank you to all who came in support of our exciting new venture.  Last but not least, thank you to Kris Mendoza for taking the photos seen here.

– Nuby DeLeon & Matt Dorcas

Matt doing a Virtual Background demo

Nuby doing a Virtual Background demo

A guest about to peek at her photo

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