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Virtual Fantasy Elopements at ND Pro Media

Do you know someone who does not want to spend for an elaborate wedding and would rather elope?  There is an alternative to going to the courthouse.  On January 26, 2013, ND Pro Media will hold the very first Virtual Fantasy Elopement in the world.

Using state-of-the-art technology you can have your wedding anywhere your heart desires.  Your ceremony can be held anywhere you wish without ever leaving the warmth and comfort of our Monticello studio.  Whether its a beach wedding, mountain wedding, or a wedding in the middle of an African Safari, we can make it happen both on video and in images.

Just have a look at the various locations the couple below visited in less than 30 minutes – all from our Monticello studio.

Virtual Fantasy, Virtual BackgroundFor more information on booking a virtual elopement session, call 845-707.4061 or contact us through email.

Check out our facebook page for more virtual background photos!

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